Blood Donation Camp

During emergencies, surgeries, organ transplants, treating patients with burns, injuries, Cancer, heart disease, Thalassaemia and many other medical conditions, blood and blood products are vital and in high demand. Hospitals treating such patients need Blood and blood products 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In many cases transfusion is the only option to ensure survival of patients, but many in cases patients do not have access to blood when they need it most. Blood is a gift of life and its availability depends on the extraordinary generosity of people who donate it.

To bridge the gap between demand and supply of blood units in blood banks and hospital Rotary club of Kalyan organizes blood donation camps every year. So far in the current Rotary year we have conducted more than 15 blood donation camps at different places in Kalyan and Kalyan Railway station with the help CRMS team of Kalyan and collected more than 1000 blood bottles units.

Cataract Operation

Of all the senses we are granted, the sense of sight is the most treasured.Rotary Club of Kalyan organizes Free Eye Checkup& Screening Camp and Free Cataract Operation in memory of Late RtnDawoodbhai Bhetasiwala every year. Camps are organised in villages around Kalyan like Phalegaon, Kongaon, Khardi, Kamba, Golavli, Sonarpada, Pisavali, Titwala, etc. So far Rotary Club of Kalyan have done more than 3000+ free cataract operation and provide food, medicine, transportation, etc free of cost. During the Eye Checkup Camp Free Spectacles are given to needy people.

Many of the needy people having Cataract in both Eyes having no support for surgeries from their family especially old women. Seeing Elder women weep with joy when her vision is restored after many years is a kind of moment we will never tire off and that is what makes the RCK project most precious.