Rotary Club of Kalyan MAHA KALA KUMBH -2017

The Rotary Maha Kalakumbh Arts Festival encourages the creation of high-quality art that demonstrates creativity, innovation, and admiration of the Visual Arts.It is an opportunity to pay homage to our talented artists & creators and to promote the value of the arts. Rotary Club of Kalyan also recognize that an Arts Festival creates an opportunity for emerging artists and craftsmen, to merchandise their talent.With Maha Kalakumbh, Rotary Club of Kalyan strive to provide a variety of artistic media to the public and patrons; in an effort to make the Arts Festival both a high-quality art experience and a broad exposure to art.

Installation Ceremony

The Installation ceremony of President Rtn. Dilip Ghadge and his Board of Directors for the year 2016-17 was held on July 7, 2016 at Vinayak hall. Chief Guest of the program was DGE Rtn BM Shivraj. Mr Rajendra Deolekar Mayer of Kalyan was Guest of Honour. The program was well attended by more than 200 guests and Rotarians.

Student Felicitation Program

Meritorious students of SSC, HSC and Graduation from Kalyan were felicitated at the hands of renowned historian Dr. Mrs. Ranade Principal of Pendharkar College Dombivili. A special guidance lecture was arranged on this occasion, Wherein she spoke about importance of hard work, dedication and passion. Total 200 students, parents and Rotarians attended the event.

4th President Elect meet of 2017-18 of District 3142

This Meet organised on September 23, 2016 at Kalyan Sports Club more than 60 participants including DGE B. M. Shivraj, PDG Ulhas Kolhatkar, DG Chandrashekhar Kolvekar were present at the meet

Swachh Kalyan, Swachh Bharat

We share a common dream with our Hon'ble PM Narendra Modi Swachh Bharat. Under this initiative and a constant efforts of making citizens aware of it. We conducted a seminar for citizens of Kalyan July 2016 along with Paryavaran Dakshata Mandal . More than 100 people attended and appreciated this project.As a continuation of it managing a solid waste a real problem to meet the solution or to find the ways to get rid out of it as it can be neither recycled nor decomposed. Our group of rotarain with Rtn. Jitesh Karia started working on it and made a presentation on solid waste management which was shown and discussed with almost all the Sarvajanik Ganesha Utsav Mandal's in Kalyan including the societies. People were eager to know about the magic

Under the guidelines of district we along with RC Kalyan n Riverside, RC Kalyan Diamond and RC Kalyan Tigers and the Rotract Club of Birla College, Kalyan West and Kalyan Central adopted Kalyan Railway Station for its beautification and maintenance. The occasion was graced by DG Rtn Dr. Chandrashekhar Kolvekar and district officials.
The Rotractors toiled their nights to paint the walls of Kalyan Railway Station with best possible way to depict the beauty of Kalyan so the passenger will not use the wall as a sputum. Even we have donated arround 40 dustbins which are placed at the strategic locations where they are in more use and railway authorities are shouldering the part of cleanliness of those dustbins. Every month we have a cleanliness drive along with Rotractors and Interactors at Kalyan Railway Station.

Cyclothon Event

"ROTARY CLUB OF KALYAN" and"KALYAN CYCLIST”along with “KALYAN ZILLA CYCLISTS ASSOCIATION’ are back again with the most awaited annual event.
BOOK your DATES on 5th of FEBRUARY 2017 (SUNDAY) as we are coming up with more excitement and more challenges this year.
We have come up with a CYCLOTHON as well as RACE which is further categorized in the following manner.
Group A:
Below 14yrs Boys & Girls
Group B:
50 KM Distance. Start at Vasant Valley, Wayle Chowk, Right towards Lal Chowki, towards patri pool via Shivaji Chowk, Metro Mall road to Ambernath Pipeline road and back by same route.
Group C:
(18 Years and above, 50 km)
ReportingTime 5:30AM
Flag Off Time: 6:30AM
Race Route: .

Categories under Group C as below
RACE 1: Male, (18 yrs - 35 yrs) ROAD bike
RACE 2: Male, (35 yrs and Above) ROAD bike
RACE 3: Male, (18 yrs - 35 yrs) MTB/ Hybrid bike
RACE 4: Male, (35 yrs and Above) MTB/ Hybrid bike
RACE 5: Female, (18 yrs and Above) Road / MTB / Hybrid bike
RACE 6: Open, (18 yrs and Above) PPOF FOLDING Bike Race (7 KM)
Starting point for all the RACES will be Vasant Valley Road, Khadakpada, Kalyan ( WEST)
Theme for this EVENT is Go Green, Go Safe and Stay Healthy. The purpose of this event is to promote cycling as a sport among school children, create awareness about environment pollution and road safety. And make best healthy utilization of bicycles as using it as a daily commute.
A large number of cycling enthusiasts and School College students will participate in the race. We are a CITY with PASSIONATE cyclist.

Tree Plantation and awareness

As per tradition of last few years, we celebrated friendship day on August 11, 2016 at Nutan High school with other rotary clubs in Kalyan, Inner Wheel club, Lions club and our 3 rotaract clubs. DG Chandrashekhar Kolvekar graced the occasion. Famous Music show host Sushil Vishrani performed Musical Housie. Aprox.200 people enjoyed the celebration and on this eve of friendship Announcement of the Association of Rotary clubs of Kalyan was done ie A ROCK.

For the awareness of tree and its uses

Vrikhsa dindi organized by Kalyan education society and Birla college More than 3000 people including Rotarians, Rotaractors students, families, participated. We distributed more than 500 saplings along the route of Dindi to the citizens desirous of planting trees in their premises.

Small and Medium Entrepreneurs Seminar (SME SEMINAR)

SME seminar has become our token project and we are known as SME experts in our rotary district. Small and Medium Entrepreneurs are support pillars of our Rotary Clubs. They support almost all our activities whole heartedly. SME seminar is a time to give them or serve them better to recognize their support in return. SME face many challenges in their businesses such as Finance, Know how about new technology, Marketing , Exports , Branding , taxation etc .

To guide them and channelizing their thought process we organized a seminar on October 01, 2016 at Thane . The best possible speaker who can guide them were invited including our keynote speaker our District Governor Dr. Chandrashekhar Kolvekar. Dr Rajeev Gupte and Mr. Shashi Kumar, Head Reliance Technology. The finance part was well taken up by banking sector and guided the entrepreneurs how to seek and document the file for without collateral loan. etc. over 13 experts from various discipline guided the more than 150 SME and businessmen. The overwhelming response of the audience, speakers and sponsors itself is a receipt of our seminar success.

Give a Hand , Give a Hope

The most gigantic task was after us when we decided to do a Prosthetic hand project. The idea was initiated in IPP Rtn Kedar year when we did Jaipur foot project. The beneficiaries at that time went with a happy note those who received jaipur food but some were there with long faces. So then president and incoming president Rtn Dilip came to a conclusion that we will do something for the people those are in need of hands. And the journey beings the project was conceived, well in advance and people started working on it. This project taught us an extended visionary leadership and selfless motto of service above self in reality. Date decided as November 13, 2016 and the hunt beings, as the organizations those were supplier of prosthetic hand were having a hand which was heavy in weight and non economical. Rtn. Madan Shanklesha and Rtn. Dr. Sushrut Vaidya took the charge of project chairman and coordinator under the guidance of IPP Kedar and President Dilip.

Rotary club of Poona downtown's Rtn Pradeep Munot and his team who are doing this kind of prosthetic hand project got connected with us. We had a series of meeting and training session with them. Prosthetic hands were supplied by Rotary Club of Pennia Bangalore as an authorised centr for the LN 4 prosthetic hand through ELEN Medows foundation USA. The Jain Charitable Trust of kalyan shouldered the project in equal terms as they did for our earlier project of Jaipur foot. For almost 4 and half months every sunday rotarians started going with banners and posters to the interiors of Kalyan and nearby padas, districts for the awareness of the camp. Every rotarian toiled their day and night to make this project self-sufficient. Technology played a vital role in advertising our camp not only in all the district in Maharashtra but all over the India. The beneficiaries started sending their photos for primary verification along with the details, some visited our club and the screening process started more than 350 beneficiaries were screened and found that 270 were fit for the prosthetic hand (above elbow and below elbow). The number itself is a record as non of the organization in the world has reached out to such a huge number in a 8 hours span of the camp. The beneficiaries were almost from all the district of Maharashtra including some from Madhay Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Kolkatta, Jammu Kashmir etc. As the saying goes "In this unseen world even the minute causes produces mighty effects." our project, also well taken up by many rotary clubs and their president and members specially visited our camp on the day to understand the process. In which Rotary club of Vapi and Jaipur invited our rotarians for the guidance for the project to be carried out Vapi and Jaipur. Inner wheel club president of Satara also visited the camp and will be planning the same camp at her district.

There is lot to do and definitely we will be back again with such a project which reach out the heart of the beneficiaries and make them self motivator rather than dependent on others. On behalf of the president and all the members of rotary club of kalyan I would like to thank all the donors and supporters who made the cause possible to reach out to the beneficiaries. The vivacious circle started rotating and definitely with the incoming president Rtn. Yakub we will have a project like this which will touch more life of peoples.

How can we forget the arrangements done by the Jain Charitable Trust Kalyan they provided the central venue of their Mahavir Jain School for the project. Not only the teaching staff but students and the non teaching staff were there along with each rotarians and rotractors as a support system. Our Hon'ble Mayor of Kalyan Shri. Deowalekar and Hon'ble MLA Shri. Narendra Pawar took out some time from their busy schedule and visited our camp. As they decided to be there for 10 to 15 minutes but they didn't able to restrict them and spent more than one hour with the beneficiaries. Even they witnessed the initial screening how it is taking place, followed by fitment and training.

Friendship Day Celebrations

As per tradition of last few years, we celebrated friendship day on August 11, 2016 at Nutan High school with other rotary clubs in Kalyan, Inner Wheel club, Lions club and our 3 rotaract clubs. DG Chandrashekhar Kolvekar graced the occasion. Famous Music show host Sushil Vishrani performed Musical Housie. Aprox.200 people enjoyed the celebration and on this eve of friendship Announcement of the Association of Rotary clubs of Kalyan was done ie A ROCK.

A dialogue with Our outbound IYE Students

Our outbound student Miss Dnyanashree was away in France for one year. July 21 we had a interview of Dnyanashree which was taken by Rtn Adv Sushma Patel in which she shared her experience, liferstyle, education and family bonding in detail. The program was well received by the invited prospective students and parents. Asst. Trainer Rtn Anand Ghate delivered guidance lecture on that occasion.

Swachh Kalyan Awareness in Navaratri

In sarvajanik Navaratri gathering we made awareness presentations in city’s densely populated area. We got appreciation from citizens for the project. In continuation with our awareness drive we distributed 10000 pamphlets carrying simple tips to keep city clean through all daily newspapers of kalyan.