Rotary Divyang Sahayata Kendra

Rotary Club of Kalyan has worked for past 25 years for Jaipur Foot and Prosthetic limbs. Rotary club of Kalyan and Rotary charitable trust of Kalyan , has opened a permanent disability help center at Rotary Divyang Kendra, Shishu Vikas School, Dr. Ambedkar Road, Kalyan West. In case you or your dear ones are in need of prosthetic limbs such as Jaipur foot, LN4 hands etc please submit your details in the following format. We will reach-out to you soon. You can also contact us the following for fixing Appointment.
Contact :
Madan Sankhlesha : +91-9321133331
Priyanka Suratkar : +91- 9819665814